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Meet the Band!

Name: HORST WITH NO NAME - formally known as Horst Schneider
Wohnort: Hamburg Schietbüttel
Hobbys: Lesen, Reiten, Schwimmen und Rollschuhfahren

Lieblingsfussballverein: Hamburger SV

Lieblingsessen: Suppe
Lieblingsmusik: Rock'n'Roll, Schlager, Jazz und Metal
Bandmitglieder: Tomate

Intrumente: Gitarre und Gesang

Klingt wie: Bud Spencer & Terence Hill, Toto & Harry, Wallace & Gromit, Ernie & Bert, Jim Beam & Cola, Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson, Rudi Carell und natürlich Bubi Elektrick

Musikalische Einflüsse: Nigel Tufnel, Troy McClure, Gary Johnston, Marvin E. Suggs, Dr. Goldzahn, Nolde Europa und natürlich Bubi Elektrick



Name: Tomate - formally known as Tomate
Wohnort: Hamburg St. Pauli
Hobbys: Internet, Bier, Popos

Lieblingsfussballverein: Altona 93

Lieblingsessen: Eier
Lieblingsmusik: Mainstream Radio, Metal, Schlager, Jazz
Bandmitglieder: Horst Schneider

Intrumente: Drums, Percussion, Backgroundshouting

Klingt wie: Vinnie Appice, Vinnie Paul, Vinnie Jones, Phil Rudd, Gene Frenkle 

Musikalische Einflüsse: Radio, Handy, CD-Player im Horstimobil, youtube


inter nationale Biografie (one man band)

HORST WITH NO NAME international one man band was founded in july 1968. the little HORST SCHNEIDER was born without a name on 24th of july in a small big city called hamburg-schietbüttel. in june 1974 he became his first drumkit, but without strings. exactly one year later on 32th of march 1976, elvis presley was killed by young sexy teenage aliens in a porn-movie. little HORST became a man, after he grows up to a very tall topmodel, with sexy long legs and hot boobs. at age 16 HORST was the first transvestite on the moon and world-record-champion in flatrate-party-smashing. after 30 years in jail, he's writing some songs and learn to sing, play drums and guitarplaying at the same time. in may 2009 (it was on fatherday) producer-legend BUBI WURSTEDER payed his bill in HORSTis lovely pub called KIEK UT. the bartender release HORST from the smelly restrooms where he was arrested and BUBI took him into his own high-end-four-track-analog-tape-VOTZENKLANG-STUDIO to produce the first HORST WITH NO NAME record. after one hour, they got six songs in no-fi-mono. all recorded songs are first-take-live-recordings, without overdubs (okay, on one track is a second guitar) powered by ASTRA-Alster. BUBI and HORST called it THE VATERTAG RECORDINGS, but all the other listeners called it just crap! now HORST WITH NO NAME is a sexy international rockstar! watch out for HORST WITH NO NAME tourdates and see him alive, or buy him a cheap drink!




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